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Town of Laurentian Hills
34465 Highway 17, RR#1
Deep River, Ontario
K0J 1P0

Phone: 613-584-3114
Fax: 613-584-3285

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 8:30am-4:30pm
Closed weekends and holidays

Welcome to the Town of Laurentian Hills

Home to Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), Laurentian Hills is a community full of innovation and world-class opportunities. Add in a gorgeous natural environment along the historic Ottawa River, and this is a town full of potential for living, working and entrepreneurship.

What's New

Teen Ball Schedule (ages 13 to 15) HERE
Junior Ball Schedule (ages 7 to 9) HERE

Rapid Notify  
If you wish to add your unlisted or cell phone number to our data list for future alerting you may self-register HERE

Budget 2016 Here

Emergency Minor Home Repair Assistance Program for Persons at Risk of Being Homeless Fact Sheet and Application HERE
Ontario Renovates With The County of Renfrew 2016 Fact Sheet HERE

Water Testing for Residents and Businesses connected to the Chalk River water system HERE
Distribution of Potassium Iodide Tablets HERE
Camp Lau-Ren Flyer HERE

Garbage Pick-Up
Be sure your garbage is out on time.  It must be out by 7:00 a.m.

Recycling Pick-up every Second Wednesday 
Be sure your recycling is out by 7:30 a.m.

Container bins / boxes must not be larger than 18" x 20" x 21" - Shredded paper is accepted in a clear bag.  Please keep bags (grocery, plastic from water bottles, bread bags, outer milk bags, flyer bags) together in a bag.  Be sure they aren't left loose in your bin.  Cardboard with wax will not be picked up - Cardboard must be broken down or cut up and not be any larger than 3 feet by 2 feet. Please do not keep plastics and cans in plastic bags - Keep them loose in your bin/box.

2016-17 Recycling Calendar HERE
Detailed Recycling Information HERE

There has been a higher than usual amount of contaminated items left in Blue Boxes and Yellow Boxes.  Please note that the drivers may leave yours behind if the wrong items are in your bins. Please refer to the Detailed Recycling Information above.

If you are unsure whether an item is accepted or not, please call us at the office at 613-584-3114.

Bench Program
The Memorial Bench Program provides residents with the opportunity to honor loved ones, families or groups by having a bench with a memorial plaque installed on municipal property.  Memorial Bench Program and Application can be found HERE or by calling the office at  613-584-3114.

Your INTERIM bill is mailed out at the end of January.  The first installment is due 18 February and the second installment is due 26 May.

Your FINAL bill is mailed out at the end of July.  The first installment is due the third week of August and the second installment is due the third week of October.

Property taxes are based on the assessment of your property. If you have questions regarding your property assessment, contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation at 1-866-296-6722.

How to Pay Taxes
Taxes can be paid online, by cheque, at Scotiabank, the Credit Union, by mail or by cash at the Town office.  We also provide the option for monthly pre-authorized payment.  Click here for a pre-authorized form

Application for a permit to construct or demolish
Please click HERE for Permit

Sewage System Installer Information 
Please Click HERE for Sewage System Installer Information

Testing Bottles
Testing bottles are available at the Town office for residents with a well. We are the drop off location.
April to August drop off is Monday through Thursday. Same day water is taken; it must be submitted the same day.
Drop off your water samples from September to March is Tuesday and Wednesday only.

Fire Hydrant Maintenance
The Town conducts routine maintenance and flushing of fire hydrants during different times of the year. The Town will post hydrant flushing in the local paper, the North Renfrew Times.  Questions or concerns can be directed to: 613-584-3114.

Certified Election Results - HERE
County of Renfrew - AECL Restructuring Presentation - HERE