Recreational Facilities and Infrastructure

The Town of Laurentian Hills has a number of municipal facilities for use by residents, visitors and local businesses.

Recreational Facilities

Burkes Beach

Tee Lake Beach
A hidden jewel in Laurentian Hills is the beach located at Tee Lake in Rolphton.

Corry Lake Beach

McKee Subdivision Playground

Mountain View Subdivision
This facility has a playground and outdoor skating rink.

Gutzman Road Subdivision Playground
This facility has a playground, baseball diamond and soccer field.

Tenna-Brise Park
Tenna-Brise Park located in the heart of Chalk River is the home of the Hudson Stone.

Anne Crosson Park
Located in Chalk River, Anne Crosson Park provides children with a safe, fenced play yard with various climbing equipment.

Charlene McGillis Memorial Ball Park
Always a popular spot in the summer, the Chalk River Charlene McGillis Memorial Ball Park has been revamped thanks to community volunteers.

Point Alexander Park
The outdoor rink and playground in Point Alexander offer year round activities.

Infrastructure Facilities

Water Treatment Plant
In 1985, the Village of Chalk River constructed its water treatment plant and elevated storage tank at an approximate cost of $1.6 million. Drawing its water from Corry Lake, the plant has a treatment capacity of 435,000 gallons per day and the tower has a storage capacity of 300,000 gallons. Serving approximately 450 homes and businesses, the plant is running at approx. 40% capacity. In 2003, in order to meet new regulations passed by the Provincial government, the water treatment plant was upgraded to 100% redundancy for all treatment systems. This upgrade did not increase water quality or quantity but did increase the safeguards to our drinking water in light of the Walkerton tragedy.

Sewage Treatment Plant
Located on Blimke Street, the sewage treatment plant serves approximately 400 homes in Chalk River. Through a extended aeration/contact stabilization process, it can treat 545 cubic meters of raw sewage per day. Raw sewage is delivered to the plant by a combination of gravity sewers and forcemains. Through the process, the solids are removed and either spread on local fields or hauled to a treatment centre in Ottawa and the water is treated and released into Black Duck Creek.