Recycling Pick-Up for both Yellow and Blue Bins πŸš› (please keep items separate)

January 4th 2017, January 18th 2017, February 1st 2017, February 15th 2017, March 1st 2017, March 15th 2017, March 29th 2017, April 12th 2017, April 26th 2017, May 10th 2017, May 24th 2017, June 7th 2017, June 21st 2017, July 5th 2017, July 19th 2017, August 2nd 2017, August 16th 2017, August 30th 2017, September 13th 2017, September 27th 2017, October 11th 2017, October 25th 2017, November 8th 2017, November 22nd 2017, December 6th 2017, December 20th 2017, January 3rd 2018, January 17th 2018, January 31st 2018, February 14th 2018, February 28th 2018, March 14th 2018, March 28th 2018, April 11th 2018, April 25th 2018, May 9th 2018, May 23rd 2018, June 6th 2018, June 20th 2018, July 4th 2018, July 18th 2018, August 1st 2018, August 15th 2018, August 29th 2018, September 12th 2018, September 26th 2018, October 10th 2018, October 24th 2018, November 7th 2018, November 21st 2018, December 5th 2018, December 19th 2018, January 2nd 2019, January 16th 2019, January 30th 2019, February 27th 2019, March 13th 2019, March 27th 2019, April 10th 2019, April 24th 2019, May 8th 2019, May 22nd 2019, June 5th 2019, June 19th 2019

BLUE BOX   Plastic bags/Retail bags, Paper towel bags, Toilet paper bags, Produce and bulk food and frozen food bags (clean), Outer milk bag, Dry cleaning & flyer & grocery bags (all bags in one bag), Empty dry metal paint cans (lids removed and no plastic bottoms), Cartons (milk, juice, cream) Drinking boxes, Non-refundable glass bottles & jars (lids removed), Coloured and clear glass bottles, Aluminum plates & cans, Plastic containers with the recycling symbol and #’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,  7 (food and beverage containers, household cleaning products, laundry detergent & shampoo bottles), Steel cans, Small scrap metal items (utensils, pots & pans, Baking sheets, Metal coat hangers-no plastic hangers), Small appliances, Steel cans, Water softener/salt bags (remove rigid plastic handle) Clean yoghurt/ pudding/ applesauce cups, Clean garden product bags (soil, mulch etc)

YELLOW BOX   Boxboard (cereal, cookie, etc), Shredded paper in a clear bag, cardboard, catalogues & magazines, file folders (no metal fasteners), greetings cards, junk mail, newspapers and flyers (includes glossy), phone books, soft cover books, hard cover books (covers and bindings removed) wrapping (non metallic only) and tissue paper, coloured and white paper and envelopes, paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls, shredding in clear plastic bags, fibre egg cartons, frozen food boxes, paper bags.

NOT ACCEPTED IN EITHER RECYCLING BINS  Frozen Juice cans, Cat/Dog food bags, Peanut and Hot Chocolate cans, Bubble wrap, Plastic bags with #7 recycling symbol, Sandwich bags and Bread bags,  White and coloured styrofoam products (plates, cups, meat trays, packing peanuts, foam egg cartons, packaging) Cereal and cookie box liners, Wax boxboard (eg. Banana boxes) Blister plastic packaging, Binders, Toys, Candy bar wrappers , Beverage 6 pack rings, CD DVD’s and cases, VHS tapes and cases, Cookie bags, Ceramics, Cereal/cracker box liner, Chip bags, Shoes, Plastic strapping, Christmas tree Lights, Clothesline, Cork, Dialysis tubing, Dishes, Plastic hangers, Light bulbs (incandescent) Milk bag (inner), Coffee trays,  Remote controls, Photographs, Planting trays/pots, Plastic cutlery, Boat wrap, Agricultural wrap, Soiled or biodegradable plastic bags, Pool noodles, Rope, Garden hoses, Straws, Plastic paint cans and cans with paint.  These items WILL contaminate your yellow/blue bins.  Please dispose of them in your regular garbage.  *Aerosol Cans must be brought to Baggs Road to the Household Hazardous Waste

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