🟨 RECYCLE PICK-UP (yellow)

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Effective July 17th the Town's Recycling pickup will alternate between containers one week (plastic and glass)
and fibres the other week (carboard and paper) Pick ups will now be done weekly on Wednesdays and

Residents who have their garbage picked up on Tuesday will have their recycling picked up on Wednesday.
Residents who have their garbage picked up on Friday will have their recycling picked up on Thursday.

Click HERE to see the September 2022- August 2023 Calendar


YELLOW BOX - Fibre Recycling Box

• Household newspaper, magazines,  catalogues, flyers and junk mail  • Boxboard/paperboard: cereal boxes  (no wax bags inside),  cracker boxes,   tissue boxes, “paper” egg cartons  (no eggshells),  toilet paper/paper towel rolls • Office paper,   eg. writing, typing and computer paper • Cardboard, corrugated brown paper bags • Soft cover books, hard cover books with spine and cover removed only  • Coffee/pop trays   • Shredded paper must be in a clear plastic bag  •  Cardboard to be broken into 2’ x 2’ bundles and tied.

Pizza Boxes are no longer accepted.
Fast food lids and cups (plastic and paper) are no longer accepted.

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